Hydrodynamic cleaning


Through a high-pressure water jetting and suction of the residues, which is believed to the best technique for cleaning all sort of tanks.


With a pressure truck we apply a high pressure jet of water onto the inner tank surfaces to remove sediments or incrustations and, at the same time, we vacuum the resulting residue. When necessary, the work is finished with a manual cleaning to ensure a total removal of any kind of particles or dirt.


Hydrodynamic cleaning ensures that the tank is completely free of dirt and pollution, restoring its functionality.

This maintenance must be programmed with the appropriate frequency according to the characteristics of the tank or ducts and the fluid contained.

You will see the tank as you no longer remembered it!


Limpiezas hidrodinámicas

La limpieza hidrodinámica se basa en el lavado con agua a presión y aspiración de residuos. Es indicada para tanques y limpieza de conductos.

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