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Francisco Torrent - CEO Uniservice 98

Francisco Torrent – CEO Uniservice 98

Uniservice 98 is a company created as a result of the increasing Mega Yacht and Packet Boat presence in Barcelona port.

Our expertise in the sector goes back to 1991, when we initiated our activity as a small company dedicated to cleaning Bilges and Tanks.

According to the progressive increase of maritime traffic in Barcelona, and as requested by our clients, new services along with a day-to-day commitment for development was acquired, forming a company able to guarantee a high quality standard for all the work carried out.
uffici uniservice barcelonaOur broad knowledge of the sector allowed us to develop a range of techniques and procedures as a result of our constant motivation to progress and adapt to new solutions and equipment, following the latest trends, including the most avant-garde prevention and security programs, lead by an occupational risk prevention program that is evaluated, managed and controlled by a specialised external company.

From Uniservice 98 we offer to our clients the safety of being in professionals hands that continuously supervise the work to be carried out and guarantee to achieve total satisfaction and optimal results.

A good state of the conduits for the correct circulation of the air is fundamental.

Uniservice98 has last in technology to the inspection and the cleaning of conduits of air and kitchens.

Company Policy

UNISERVICE´98 offers the following services:

  • Hydrodynamic cleaning for all kind of tanks or deposits.
  • Emptying and waste removal.
  • Chemical cleaning of tubes and any other elements.
  • Duct cleaning: air, kitchen, laundry, exhausts, horns, etc.
  • Cleaning and unblocking of scuppers and pipes.
  • Inspections (endoscopic) with video cameras.
  • Cleaning through fuel filtration.
  • Outside and inside workspace protections.
  • Blasting and painting for all kind of surfaces.

Proceeding with maximum safety and minimum environmental impact. Thanks to a group of professionals with extensive experience in the sector of Mega Yachts and other industrial areas.

The policy is based on our company values:

  • People First
  • Client Orientation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Honesty

The principles of this policy involve:

  • Commitment to satisfy customer requirements, legislation and technical standards or regulations that are applicable to the company. In addition to comply with other volunteer requirements subscribed by the organization.
  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and ensure improved environmental performance.
  • Improve training of the human team and available technical resources.
  • Provide an adequate level of cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities, equipment and work surfaces.
  • Promote good environmental practices to reduce possible impacts. Improve energy efficiency and consumption of natural resources. Prevent pollution in all activities of the company.


  • People First

  • Customer Oriented

  • Operational Excellence

  • Continuous improvement

  • Environmental awareness

  • Honesty


Media and Equipement

Uniservice’98 has the latest cleaning equipment for both the naval and the industrial sector. With all these means at our disposal, along with a duly qualified team of professionals, we can guarantee a highly satisfactory result for all our customers.

In addition to customer satisfaction, a cornerstone for Uniservice is also the safety of all operators involved in the development of our services.

Thus, we have the latest equipment for the prevention of occupational hazards.

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Barcelona Office

UNISERVICE’98 offices at Pso. Joan de Borbó, 80-84 local H in  Barcelona.
You can contact us calling:

Tel. +34932 218 685

o using the form you find in thispage

Vilanova i la Geltru Office

UNISERVICE’98 offices at  Moll de Ponent S/N Local C-5 08800 Vilanova i la Geltru (VILANOVA GRAND MARINA)
You can contact us calling:

Tel. +34932 218 685

o using the form you find in thispage